YRock School is a fantastic experience for any teenager and a great way to get them out of bed in the shool holidays! Because of his dyslexia my son’s confidence was low – being in a ‘band’ and developing and recording his own mu

Rock-Schools-41sic has given him a spring in his step and newly found confidence. He has returned to YRock School numerous times and always loves the experience. In fact it is the only club he has ever wanted to go to. The facilitator is very knowledgeable,  non-judgemental and has a great way with the teens. They are treated in a grown-up way and respond well to this, writing their own songs, growing as a musicians, and having aspirations for the future. After the club, the bands are given lots of opportunities to play at gigs organised by YRock – this would be a great launchpad for a new band. –Lisa Buck – Mum

The team at YRock work very hard and get the best out of the young people, it’s a great course for any young musician and is a huge confidence builder for many – Julie McRae – Teacher

YRock School is a fun place where  I met lots of friends and learned how to play in a band. My drum playing skills have also improved from being there. I’d recommend it to anyone – beginners or experts. – Sam, Aged 12  – Drummer


I enjoy getting to work with other people in bands and also how it improves my playing outside of the workshops.

It’s fun.  Cameron, Aged 13 – Guitar Rock-Schools-2


I have been to YRock School three times now, the truth is…. I keep coming back because it is a great all round experience. We all have fun playing the instruments, but the people that you meet here… all of the different characters and personalities and musical skills. It’s a great way to spend a week and a great time overall. Ross, Aged 14 –  Guitar MVI_1360