To facilitate the collaborative development of classical and contemporary musicians, during the process of cross genre music compositions.

Project Short Term Goals

  • Networking and improvisation sessions with groups to explore different ideas
  • Collaborative workshops based on structuring new music
  • Writing and recording of original material
  • Live performance at Hear Glasgow event


Background and Market Need

Young musicians are often focused on their own genre of music, whether it is classical, jazz, rock or heavy metal. Each genre has it’s own particular sound, however if you look at the role models young bands look up to, you well often see the existence of strings and other orchestral instruments in their album material. A great inspirational example of this was heavy metal band Metallica and their S&M (Symphony and Metallica) album, which mixed the two genres and inspired many closed minded young musicians to open to other forms of music.

This project would hope to replicate this kind of development in the young people of Glasgow.

Gav Livinstone

Gav is a Glasgow based Hip Hop Artist and young entrepreneur, in 2013 he set up his own record label and we’d like to think that the work we did with Gav in 2012 helped contribute to this. Gav worked with Marieanne Fraser and Ronald Jappy from RCS to add instrumentation and vocal melody to his music.

Here’s a short clip of them rehearsing:

It’s amazing what a bit of hard work and musical magic can do, and here is the final product:


Note to Self

Note to Self were a young Glasgow indie rock band. Having played several YRock gigs they were a keen to develop their music. With a strong focus on melody within their songs, the students from RCS were able to add instrumentation using strings and brass.

The first day was extremely productive, here is a short clip showing you just how much can be done in an afternoon. (you can’t really here the vocals as it was more about the music, check out the audio clip for the full song though!

Picnic Railway

A blues inspired trio from Hillpark Secondary School had a power message and music was there means of delivery. The YRock team worked with RCS students to add a real kick to the songs with brass instruments, vocal harmonies and a bit of funk. Listen out for the brilliant dual solo with a guitar and trumpet… a real demonstration of talent from young musicians.

This song is a great example of how music be used in society. Staff from the music department of Hillpark Secondary School took an active part in helping write and perform brass parts for one of the pieces, which went on to be entered by the school for the song for social justice competition (and was highly commended in person to the group by one of judges – Jerry Dammers, ex-Specials). The project helped build a relationship with the school, as well as offering the staff the opportunity to see what music resources were available outwith the school. To date the school has accessed free equipment hire and staff time from Halo Recording Studios, as well as placing work placement students within the studio as a direct result of the project.




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