The schools music department had been given funding in 2004 to build a recording studio within the upper floor of the main school building. In 2008 the teaching staff changed and new staff had no training in the use of the recording facilities. The equipment was unused over a threeyear period until YRock created a project that aims to provide worthwhile work experience for pupils through exploration of the music industry. This project combines both enterprise and creativity to illustrate to the pupils involved the vast amount of jobs and skills required within the music industry and how some of these skills can be transferred into other job roles.

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A BRIEF OUTLINE – what the pupils at Lourdes have achieved so far.

Creating the company

The pupils at Lourdes decided on Jammin’ Records as the name for their record label, the team then designed a company logo and put together a document containing Jammin’ Records aims and goals.

Each of the Jammin’ Records team took on a different roles within the company. As a group they determined what each of their individual responsibilities would be.

The team created content for a Jammin’ Records website and have updated the news/events page throughout the project.

The CD

Jammin’ Records ran a poster campaign to search for bands and musicians within the school, they also expressed a need for people to become involved with recording. They held auditions and selected the acts they wanted to record.

7 Students and the head of the music department have been trained to use the recording facilities. They have also been trained in studio maintenance and repair.

The 7 students have completed twelve high quality recordings, which will be used as the first release for Jammin’ Records.

A peer to peer training programme has be put in place to allow the students to pass on their knowledge of the recording studio

The finance department held a fundraiser to raise money to record, print and distribute the finished CD. Over £100 was raised.

The Event

The Jammin’ Records team have scheduled an event named JamStation for the 21st of April, the event was created to help create interest for the release of their CD. The event is to be held in their school concert hall, all of the details are being organised by the JamStation students themselves.

A separate advertising campaign has been created for JamStation, posters and flyers have been displayed around the school, tickets have been printed, tickets are being distributed and the team are working on an event management plan

The pupils have all worked hard to develop their business and creative skills. They have developed the ability to understand Jammin’ Records business needs, make decisions, meet deadlines and be successful with minimal guidance. The management team within Jammin’ Records have also had the opportunity to develop their leadership skills, they have taken the responsibility of running the company seriously in order for Jammin’ Records to be successful.

The pupils involved in the recording process have now progressed to the point where they now have unsupervised access to the recording studio at scheduled times and are now part of a peer education network, where they are now in the process of transferring their learned skills to other pupils. Debbie McVicar has stated:

The input and tuition we have received from YRock has meant that the studio equipment and facilities within the school are now better understood and as a result are being used on a more regular basis by both staff and pupils.

While comments from the pupils themselves include:

The YRock sessions have inspired me to go onto College to study sound engineering –Chris Gibb, 4th Year pupil.

Alongside this, the benefits to the teaching staff themselves has meant that the music department is in a position to deliver Sound Engineering units of the Higher Music qualification for the first time in years. Debbie Mc Vicar states that

As a result of this we are in a better position to deliver the Sound Engineering Unit of the Music Higher in the next term and the pupils involved now have a greater knowledge and enthusiasm for the creative possibilities of music and recording. So much so that some of the participants are developing the studio outwith normal school hours, with the potential of a summer holidays project being considered. Overall the partnership with YRock has been a definite benefit to the schools music department.

In this case the benefit of engaging within the Creative Industries has been not only to raise pupils confidence, willingness to progress onto further learning and engage them in developing social, technical and entrepreneurial skills but to also enhance the schools own ability to deliver educational services and utilise existing facilities to the maximum.

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