Hear Glasgow! have teamed up with YRock Music to bring you the Hear Glasgow! Mentoring Scheme. For ten weeks between April – August 2012 our ten mentees will work with their mentor who they have been matched up with in response to their support needs. Our mentors will be providing full support and guidance throughout the process, sharing their own knowledge and expertise.

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Mentor Mentee
Brian Rielly Rona Topez
Angela Cassidy Job Laura Breaden
Andrew Dobbie Karen McClusky
Tony Hamill Ian Sides
Dave Boyd Alex Sakulin
Lucy Butters Matthew Todd
Louise Quinn Georgia Smith
Katie Sutherland Cami Ramsay
Jenny Flinn Marianne Fraser
Colin Campbell Gav Livingstone


Mentee: Mathew Todd


I am a classical tenor and a community musician. I gradually built up my experience of community music by working for organisations such as ‘Givin’ it Laldie’ as well as lots of voluntary work. I have an HND in Music from Stevenson College Edinburgh and have just completed my Honours Degree in Vocal Studies at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. I give singing lessons and specialise in teaching (and encouraging) boys to sing. I also given lots of workshops for children through my community music courses at Stevenson and the Conservatoire and direct several choirs of children, young people and also an adult choir in Edinburgh.

The first gig I ever attended was probably a concert by Ian White in Thurso. As a child, I regularly performed with my large musical family. I would consider my first big break to be my first solo opera role with Stevenson College. I love networking and collaborating with other people and this has proved to be very useful for finding work.

Three words to describe my thoughts on music would be: community, communication and collaboration.


Mentee: Rona Topaz

Rona is a singer, songwriter and actress who also teaches singing at Craigroyston High School and Glasgow Music Studios. Rona located to Glasgow from London having studied music theory and performing arts at a specialised college. The first gig Rona ever went to was MUSE (Musicians United for Safe Energy), Madison Square Garden, 1979 – headlined by Bruce Springsteen!

Rona describes music as: entertainment, self expression and catharsis


Mentee: Karen McCluskey


I became Involved in the Hear Glasgow Mentoring project because I was interested in receiving some marketing and business support for my works as a singer and voice coach.  The outcomes will benefit me greatly.  Having  developed a brand and also a website has encouraged me to define what it is I do as a singer and creative artist.  My future success and work will benefit greatly.

“I’m a classical singer who has made the transition from Pop into the classical genre of music.  I am also studying Kodaly at RSC to increase my skills as a teacher and musician.”
“You can’t become a classical singer overnight and I’ve now been  training for 8 years, plus I had quite a lot of musicality from my pop singing and  I’ve had a lot of help and encouragement from other successful opera singers.
I trained with Tona De Brett in London and I’ve now trained classically with Pat MacMahon Principle coach and RSC Honorable Fellow for 5 years.  I’ve also done many summer courses and worked with reputable Opera singers in London and also teachers from other musical colleges.  As well as studying for ABRSM grades in Music Theory and also practical singing exams, I gained HND in Performance and Acting which was amazing but very hard work.  I’m now working towards a Dip ABRSM in singing which is  an international teaching qualification. “
“I’m now developing my teaching work and enjoy working with groups and also individuals. I’m really interested in educating communities about music, singing and also classical music and how to fuse the popular with the classical.”
The first ever great concert Karen went to was ‘The Police’ and she camped out for tickets aged 11!
First classical gig Karen ever played was Ayr Music Festival.
Karen desribes music as: wonderful, transforming and sanctuary


Mentee: Georgia Smith
I would describe my ‘job’ as a singer, songwriter and aspiring entrepreneur.
I am currently studying a BA degree in Popular Music at Napier University, and will be going into my third year after the summer.
Growing up in a large musical family I have had lessons in piano and singing. Currently studying to sit my ABRSM Grade VIII piano next year, I plan to start teaching whilst still at University.
My first gig was when I went to see Alicia Keys at the SECC. I remember being blown away by her voice and her ability to play the piano. It really inspired me to work hard at my talent and commit myself to becoming the best I could possibly be.
I was always performing at dance recitals and at family parties but my first real gig was for the Young Musician of the Year competition in 3rd Year at school. I sang ‘Over The Rainbow’ by Eva Cassidy. It was really the first time anyone had heard me singing. I knew from that moment that entertaining people and communicating emotion through a song was my forte in life.
I love going to see other bands and artists, I love most types of music including Indie, Rock, Pop and Jazz. My vocal style is mostly inspired by Jazz singers such as Ella Fitzgerald and Sarah Vaughan. I check out the Glasgow and Edinburgh Jazz festivals each year, this is something i’d love to take part in one day! I have a huge love for dance music also and regularly check out up and coming DJs at events in Glasgow throughout the year!
In May of this year I had my debut gig with my pop/soul band, ‘Georgia’ at the Captains Rest. After 3 years of writing and recording original material, we performed with an 8 piece band and the gig was a complete sell out. This was my first experience of performing my own material to a large crowd, and having caught the gigging bug and receiving great feed back I am hoping to become a familiar face on the Scottish gigging scene! My next gig will be in King Tuts on the 5th of August and I can’t wait!
Three words to describe my thoughts on music? It’s the Answer. 


Mentor: Lucy Butters

“I worked for 12 years with the British Council, an international cultural relations agency, my work involved supporting the international aspirations of our education sectors.  Through it I met people from roughly 80 countries around the world and got to go and work in countries I’d have been unlikely to visit for holidays.  For the final three years I managed a leadership development project for people who wanted to make a positive change on their communities, here in Scotland and across the Arab world.  I loved it.  It re-engaged me with training people, a qualification I’d gained almost a decade earlier, and as I delivered training work in Jordan and Lebanon I found my questions changing again.  How can I do more of this?  Do I have enough faith in myself to work for myself?

I found the answer to that was yes and I established Elembee, a training company.  At the heart of all good training are questions.  Questions that enable us to take actions to improve our careers, to enhance our leadership, to build positive working relationships across communities and countries.

I got involved with the Hear Glasgow mentoring project thanks to Grant McWhirter, the entrepreneur behind YRock.  He had been a participant on one of the leadership programmes that had run between Scotland and Jordan – and as he put the administration of this project together he asked if I would provide the training to develop the skills of the mentors and mentees, to enable them to get the most out of their mentoring relationships.  It is the kind of work I set up the business to do.  Develop training to encourage people to notice things differently and think about what questions would spur them onto getting the most from a situation.

Leading on from the training day I was asked to mentor Matthew Todd.  We are just at the start of the mentoring and already I am getting a lot from it.  I am not a musician, but have found that being in contact with Matthew I have started to practise the piano again and I’ve been to hear live music in Glasgow – something I have not done for years.  As we go through the process I’m sure that as I think of questions that would be most helpful for him, it will also leave me with new questions to think about myself.

Of course, one of them will be whether or not the weather has something to do with this being a city full of music?”



Mentor: Louise Quinn
Lousie Quinn is a freelance singer, songwriter and performer and believes that she got to where she is now by chance and choice. Louise studied drama at the RSAMD which included singing, has had some guitar lessons although is mainly self taught. Louise also delivers song writing workshops and projects and is a music leader in schools and the community.

Louise considers her first big break to be getting a guitar when she was nine to be like her Big Brother Shug. The first gig Lousie ever went to was the The Stranglers at The Barrowlands when she was twelve and first gig ever played was at school with a rock covers band. Louise was busking on Buchanan Street, Glasgow when she was spotted by Bal Cooke and the rest as they say is history.

Louise describes music as: life, energy and expression



Mentor: Andrew Dobbie


With an extensive creative background and more than 12 years of design experience, Andrew is an inspiring designer & photographer, passionate about the creation of strategies, experiences and jaw dropping imagery. Prior to launching MadeBrave Ltd (www.madebrave.com), Andrew worked as a Creative Director, Designer & Photographer in the design agency world specialising in identity branding, print design as well as award winning outdoor advertising projects.
Over the last 12 years Andrew has worked with a multitude of great clients. Here are just some of them:
Scottish Renewables, The Green Energy Awards, PNE Wind, Celtic Football Club, Jones Lang LaSalle, Cushman & Wakefield, Montague Evans, Scottish National Heritage, Cycling Scotland, Pedal for Scotland, Woolgar Hunter, Connelly Security Systems, Invitrogen, 88 Events, A Better Way to Work, Abode Hotels, Arthur McKay, Forestry Commission Scotland, Hewlett Packard, Rivergate Shopping Centre, Kingsgate Shopping Centre, Hill Street Shopping Centre, Jackie McNamara, Life Technologies, Graeme Obree, Porcelenosa, The Bay, Absolute Combat, Ultimate Solar Systems and many more …
Graphic Design, Marketing, Branding, Illustration, Photography, Web Design, Design Consultancy, Outdoor Advertising, Print, Brand Development


Mentor: Jenny Flinn

I’m a Lecturer in Events Management at Glasgow Caledonian University where I have been working for the past six years. I teach students who are interested in working in various different sectors of the events industry from gigs and festivals to corporate events and weddings. I had always wanted to work in events but had never really considered working in the academic side of things until I was offered a short term research contract at GCU where I carried out a study of local festivals, I then got involved in teaching and it all went from there!  I’m very lucky in that I really enjoy my job, it’s always great to see how students develop and incredibly rewarding to see them do well. This mentoring programme is really just an extension of what I do and I’m looking forward to working with Marianne on a one to one basis.

Events have always played an important part of the music industry – they allow people to experience music in a live setting and engage with the artist.  With declining physical sales of music live performance is becoming even more important. A lot of people think that working in music events in glamorous but I’m sure that most people who work in the industry know that it’s actually pretty hard work!

I’m not as directly involved in music as some of the other mentor but I hope that I will be able to pass on some of my knowledge to my mentee which will help her to develop her career in music events. There is also no way I am going to share my awful music taste with you as it would just be embarrassing in comparison with the other mentors!


Mentor: Katie Sutherland


Katie is a Singer/ Songwriter from Glasgow.  When Katie was younger she was given piano and oboe lessons but has not studied any music courses at college or uni because she is a great believer in experience.  Prior to working in the music industry Katie studied primary teaching and taught music lessons as part of the curriculum.

The first gig Katie ever went to was The Strokes in 2002. Katie says that

 being in this Industry is full of ups and downs. One signing could be a big break to some…..I always strive to aim higher.

When Katie started out she made a Myspace profile and started off with playing as many support slots in Scotland as possible in one summer – gigging approximately 4 nights a week. As all promoters, bands and musicians are always in the same circuit Katie believes you need to be quite a social person to find other bands, musicians and gigs.

Katie describes music as: theraputic, challanging and awesome