Sense Over Sectarianism work across Glasgow to enable people to challenge the existing attitudes, behaviour and assumptions which contribute to bigotry, sectarianism and division within society.

We worked with St Roch’s Secondary School to create a music & enterprise project. The students wrote and recorded their own song, set up their own record label (Epic Solo), and ran workshops with local Primary Schools in conjunction with students from Hillhead Secondary School.

Devil's Way72


Epic Solo are proud to introduce their first record Devil’s Way.

The song was written as a result of the group taking part in numerous YRock workshops that highlighted the issue of Sectarianism through music.

Devil’s Way was recorded at the YRock studio in Glasgow and is due to be released on the Epic Solo’s return to St Roch’s Secondary in August.

Devil’s Way


I was caught up in these thoughts

How many Gods did it take to create the world?

Do you believe in the words that you hear

Or do you fake it to the world out of overwhelming fear?


How can you judge someone just because they see the world through different eyes?

To decide that your better than them means your the fool, your the fool inside.


Devil’s way to divide us.

But we can stop all this pain inside us. 

I’m begging you to open your eyes.


Follow Buddha for inner peace.

Follow Jesus for faith and hope

Follow Islam for discipline.

Follow anything that helps you when you really need to cope.


Devil’s way to divide us. 

But we can stop all this pain inside us.

I’m begging you to open your eyes. 

Listen to the track here:

The EpicSolo team worked with students from the Fresh4Music team at Hillhead Secondary. Together Epic Solo and Fresh4Music created a workshop that would teach those who took part about the issue of Sectarianism in Scotland.

The first pupils to take part in the workshop were p4 and p5 pupils from St Mungo’s Primary. During the workshop the pupils from St Mungo’s wrote about their ideas of what sectarianism means and stands for……


Hi pal 🙂 My name is Claire, I am 16 years old and in 5th Year at St Roch’s. I am enjoying the YRock Project because it allows all of us to look at a future in the music industry. I enjoy singing and a wide range of music. I hope to help by changing the views on sectarianism.


My name is Marc Sinet, I am in 3rd year at St Roch’s. I love music, my favourite band is Muse and I am going to see them in September. I am taking part in this project because I have played guitar for about a year and I want to learn about the music industry.

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