Sense Over Sectarianism work across Glasgow to enable people to challenge the existing attitudes, behaviour and assumptions which contribute to bigotry, sectarianism and division within society.

Hillpark Secondary School brought their award winning Young Coop enterprise team onto the project, in conjunction with their teacher and mentor Julie McCrae. Hillpark was a very musical school and the pupils very quickly integrated the Sense Over Sectarianism message into their own song.

In addition to this, the school created a themed workshop for local primary schools. These workshops saw groups of 20 pupils join in the fun and learning. The project was featured in the Daily Record and STV News.


The Song

The pupils at Hillpark were particular interested in the concept that parents have a responsibility to educate their children and that often in Glasgow the prejudice and sectarian attitude is stemmed from the family. Their song carried a strong message, encouraging parents to think about how they educate their children, and the impact that can have on their attitudes outside of the family home.

The chorus of the song contained the following lines, highlighting their message:

Will you teach your children how to hate

or let them live their own way


The Workshops

100_2845As a creative group, the pupils decided that they wanted to pass on their message in a fun way. They created a workshop with a story line that featured an alien crash landing in Glasgow, the primary school pupils were then challenged in various ways to consider how an outsider might perceive sectarianism within the city.

The workshops featured a video and at various stages the pupils were put into groups to discuss sectarianism related topics.100_2843



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